Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Stay in Present Time!

The Mind Can Only Focus On One Thing At A Time.

So, anytime you find your mind moving toward obsessing about something or someone that you know is not best for you to pursue, shift your focus to the present moment, watch your breath as it moves in and out of your body, and state what you are doing at that moment (washing the dishes, walking the dog, etc.).

Focus your attention on the task in front of you and simply say what you are doing out loud such as “I am now peeling the carrot” or “I am now placing my hands around this cup and raising it to my mouth.” Be clear and specific and listen to what you are saying as you focus on your words and on what you are doing.

Make a list of all of the things you enjoy doing and do one of them with your attention focusing on whatever it is you choose, as stated above. Below are some of the present moment tasks you might choose to use this exercise with, but the point is, you can bring yourself into the present moment with this exercise anytime you find your mind obsessing about anything. Simply breathe in and out slowly and deliberately and state what you are doing aloud.

The more you interrupt your obsessive thoughts with this exercise, the more present-moment- focused you will become and the less your obsessive thoughts will be able to run you!

1. Play a game with your child.

2. Read a book.

3. Play a game of solitaire .

4. Take a walk.

5. Bathe the dog.

6. Sing a song.

7. Go to a meeting.

8. Watch a movie.

9. Have a cup of tea.

10. Write in your journal.

11. Take several deep slow breaths

12. Do a series of stretching exercises and clear your mind.

13. Write a story, a play, a poem, a song or a book.

14. Draw or paint a picture.

15. Create a quilt or dress focusing on the in and out of each thread as it moves through the fabric.

16. Make a phone call to someone in your support network.

17. Take a bath or a shower.

18. Get a massage.

19. Wash your car.

20. Clean your house.

21. Use a toothbrush to clean the tiles in the bathroom.

22. Vacuum your carpet.

23. Clean the windows in your house.

24. Have a good cry.

25. Write a letter to the person or addiction, read it to your coach, sponsor, or other support person and then rip it up.

26. Kick a soccer ball around.

27. Play a game of tennis.

28. Go to the gym.

29. Get an EMDR treatment.

30. Read some 12 step literature.

31. Work your steps.

32. Teach your child a new skill.

33. Practice patience with your child and notice yourself doing so.

34. Watch reruns of your favorite TV show.

35. Add more ideas to this list and add them to your day.

36. Enjoy your life.

37. Write a gratitude list.

38. Say the Serenity Prayer.

39. Join a club or organization that does fun things together so you can meet other people.

40. Do volunteer work.

41. Get a job.

42. Join Parents Without Partners.

43. Live your life fully by staying in present time, one moment at a time!

by Beverly A. Buncher, The Empowerment Coach

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