Sunday, August 30, 2009

Trust God and Love People!

This slogan has tremendous power to move us in the direction of trusting people again after the hurt of living with someone whose illness has resulted in so many lies and so much pain.

Trust God and Love People means trust people to be themselves and trust God to walk us through life on life's terms.

If we feel we have to be able to trust people to take care of us, we will be disappointed. But, if we trust that people will be themselves and God will give us the inner strength to walk through whatever happens in our lives, then we can trust both God and other people.

People won't always treat me the way I want to be treated or do what I want them to do. They will be themselves. I can trust them for that and I can trust the God within them to help them become who they are meant to be, and that alone. And that is enough.

God won't always make my troubles go away or fix my issues. If I expect Him to, I will be sorely disappointed. But He will always dry my tears and give me the ability to handle whatever life brings my way. He will give me the sanity to see and experience life in a totally new way. He will give me peace, love, joy, knowledge of His will for me and the power to carry that out. I can trust Him for that and that is enough.
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